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Business Cann

SynBiotic SE & Enchilada Group: Joint Venture To Launch First Cannabis Store In Germany

April 22, 2022


CannaList Conversations with Lars Müller, CEO of SynBiotic SE

January 15, 2022


Lars Mueller Explains How SynBiotic Uses The Power of Cannabinoids To Heal Modern World Diseases

December 6, 2021

Washinton Latest

SynBiotic SE: Most important cannabis merger in Europe

December 2, 2021

Hemp Today

€11 million deal combines German groups, creating a hemp powerhouse in Europe

December 1, 2021

Important Cannabis Merger in Europe – Daniel Kruse Joins Forces with SynBiotic SE

December 1, 2021

German Cannabis Company Continues Its Strong Growth – A Further Seven Million Euros For SynBiotic SE

October 27, 2021

International Business Times

How CBPlus Will Revolutionize The Global Cannabinoid Market

October 22, 2021

Yahoo Finance

German Platform Company On The Brink Of Revolutionizing Cannabinoid Market

July 26, 2021


SynBiotic SE Becomes The First Publicly Traded Company In Germany To Hedge Against…

February 16, 2021

Yahoo Finance

Beyond Cannabis: How This German Company Is Disrupting The Cannabis Market

December 29, 2020