We make Cannabinoids accessible

SynBiotic is a stock listed platform company with a EU focused buy & build investment approach.

Focus on real consumer problems

People are looking for solutions to their real-life problems. With cannabinoids we are able to address a multi-billion EU-market for sleep, pain and anxiety solutions with cumulative sales of over € 250 billion for OTC and pharmaceuticals in 2020.



people with sleep-related problems,
such as disturbed sleep



people with chronic pain and
similar issues 



people with anxiety

SynBiotic Value Chain

SynBiotic’s organizational structure is built to cover all value drivers – from research over production to distribution


Research & Development

Our R&D portfolio consists of leading research facilities, whose scientists are sought-after pioneers in the field of cannabinoids.

Production & Biotech

With a portfolio of production and extraction companies operating cutting-edge facilities, we can guarantee products of the highest quality – a significant competitive advantage.


We buy and build strong medical & DTC brands which enable us to distribute our innovative products to customers.

SynBiotic Approach

Beyond Cannabis for a multi-billion market. Regulations, market, and customer readiness make CBD the most promising cannabinoid to start with, building a solid foundation for our platform. But we focus not solely on CBD and THC, but also on other cannabinoids, endocannabinoids and terpenes with high potential.

Why? Because we want to build the most effective products in the market

Most CBX* have not been discovered yet, but studies show that other cannabinoids, beyond THC and CBD, have huge medical potential. In addition, the so called entourage effect is a term used to describe the synergistic effects of combining various chemical compounds found in cannabis. Most commonly, it refers to the interaction between THC/CBD and other cannabinoids or terpenes.

* CBX = all cannabinoids except THC

Beyond Cannabis & Hemp

While CBD from hemp & cannabis plants is still a legal grey area, we focus in parallel on other plants that are rich in cannabinoids, endocannabinoids & terpenes. 

We analysed over 1000 plants and searched for Cannabinoids, Endocannabinoids & Terpenes ...


Biosynthesis – Growing Cannabinoids in Yeast

In addition, we are exploring newer solution, such as programming and growing yeast cultures in bioreactors, which enables the extraction of very rare and specific cannabinoids, such as CBG, in large quantities.


What is the advantage of using all cannabinoids?

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* all kinds of cannabinoids 


Unlock the full potential of cannabinoids

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  1. Utilization of resources and deep domain expertise across our portfolio
  2. Sharing best practices leads to repeatable and scalable processes
  3. Pooling knowledge from world class business and science experts

Investor relations

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Börse: Düsseldorf (Freiverkehr)

A2LQ77 / DE000A2LQ777

Stammkapital: 2.250.000,00 EUR
Aktienanzahl: 2.250.000

Finanzkalender 2020

Oktober 2020
Veröffentlichung des Halbjahresberichtes


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2020-06-30 • Sachkapitalerhöhung zur Durchführung der Übernahme der Geschäftsanteile an der SOLIDMIND Nutrition GmbH beschlossen

2020-05-19 • Absichtserklärung über eine Übernahme der SOLIDMIND Nutrition GmbH gegen Gewährung von Aktien und Barzahlung

2020-04-27 • Kapitalerhöhung bei EUR 15 je Aktie mit Zeichnungszusage von Michael Auerbach’s Subversive Capital beschlossen

2020-04-16 • Kapitalerhöhung in Höhe von 1,25 Mio. Euro voll platziert

2020-04-08 • Aus der Ledgertech SE wird die SynBiotic SE

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