SynBiotic Group is a publicly listed cannabis company,
combining the strongest player under one roof to make cannabinoids accessible.

SynBiotic Group focuses on the three following areas:

Our Areas

SynBiotic Group is continuously expanding its footprint in all market areas. Today, SynBiotic Group comprises a group of 13 companies. Although our origins reside in the Wellness & Food market, we are committed to exploiting the full potential of the Medical and Recreational markets.


SynBiotic Group has its origins in the Wellness & Food areas​

Leading CBD brands in Germany​

Hempamed is one of the top 3 CBD brands in Germany with over 100,000  customers. With a large product range of  over 20 products,
we have been supplying our customers with CBD-containing  dietary supplements & cosmetics for more than 5 years. In addition we offer  CBD related food and lifestyle products such as Princess Stardust and Hempany.​

Vertically integrated ​along the value chain​

Today’s conscientious consumers are demanding sustainable and strong  products e.g. food, medicine and clothing. The ability to react to customer  needs is especially important. That is why we are fully integrated along the  value chain - from seed to shelf.​

Focus on innovation, ​R&D and IP development​

CBPlus was developed with the help of our R&D team. ​A daily dose of our  newly-branded ingredient CBPlus (diluted to) 5% works more effectively or better on our endocannabinoid nerve system than a daily dose of CBD oil with  20% CBD. CBPlus is novel food friendly and won the White Label World Expo Award 2021 for the most innovative product.​

Our medical market foothold is driven by
innovation and sales excellence​

Customer centric product innovation​

Since Autumn 2022, our own Medical Cannabis brand Hempamed Rx is on the market with the first products. The vision: To establish a full-range brand for the entire medical cannabis market.​

Fully-licensed distribution network​

The group includes two companies that hold the full licensing set-up for the importation and distribution of medical cannabis. We have been trading products from Bedrocan, Aurora and many more since 2018. Since Autmn 2022, the focus is on our own brand Hempamed Rx.​

Focus on sales excellence

With SynBiotic Sales GmbH, we have onboarded one of the most experienced and best connected sales team in Germany, which has excellent contacts to decision makers like doctors and pharmacists. This is key due to the trust factor and consultative intense industry. The sales process for our own brand Hempamed Rx has started in Autumn 2022.​

Our future lies on the Recreational market

Germany will legalize recreational cannabis​

As stated in the coalition agreement, the German Government is planning to  legalize the sale of cannabis to adults for recreational use. The expected release of a legislative draft later in 2022 is likely to mean a legalization by Q1 2024 based on management view.​

Expected to become the largest recreational cannabis market​

The legalization of recreational Cannabis in Canada and California showcased the enourmous potential of opening up an entire market. German's illicit cannabis market is estimated at €7.4bn. The legalization of Cannabis will create a EUR ~4bn market opportunity, with the potential to become the largest cannabis market globally.​

A market is exploited from scratch - first mover is key​

As a first-mover, SynBiotic is well-positioned to manifest its dominant position  as a fully-integrated player at a time when market shares are still up for grabs.  SynBiotic Group will leverage its extensive experience along the value chain  and strong foothold across the wellness & food and medical market areas  to become the leading player in the recreational market.​

"Our decades of pioneering work were just preparation for being in the pole position for the massive opportunity in the recreational market we now face.​"

Lars Müller​


​market opportunity for recreational cannabis is being unlocked now.

Estimated recreational cannabis sales in Germany post-legalization (in €bn)

SynBiotic Group will become the​biggest beneficiary of the massive opportunity​​

200+ years of experience in the relevant industry​

Our management experts bring 200+ years of experience the hemp and cannabis value chain. ​​With our industry and value chain experts and the combined expertise within our Group, we will be able to navigate through the complexities of tapping into a new market which is undergoing legalisation.​​We have the necessary network within the industry but also with political and commercial stakeholders.​

Joint venture with Enchilada Group to scale efficient​

The Enchilada Group is the expert in the field of system gastronomy and the scaling of multi-franchise projects. With over 150 operations in Germany, they are one of the largest companies in this field. ​​For the planned delivery points,  we established two companies with the Enchilada Group to access the ecosystem and over 30 years of experience.

Supply chain readiness​

With SynBiotic Distribution GmbH and MH medical hemp GmbH, who are already active in the import of medical cannabis, we are well positioned. Should we be dependent on cultivation in Germany, SynBiotic is ideally positioned with Hanf Farm GmbH and its expertise as well as 1000 hectares of cultivation area.