World first: SynBiotic SE announces first CBD substitute extract from non-hemp sources

CBPlus revolutionizes the market for cannabinoids

In the coming weeks, a fresh course will be set on the cannabinoid market.

With CBPlus, the cannabinoid platform SynBiotic SE is announcing a world first: an alternative CBD extract that contains cannabinoids and terpenes not derived from hemp.

SynBiotic SE is promising nothing less than a revolution in the market for functional cannabinoids. On the one hand, the product is many times more effective than the same amount of CBD and is obtained from several cannabinoid and terpene-containing plants, such as hops – but not from hemp. The reason for this is the so-called entourage effect. This states that a plant substance mixture has a higher level of biological activity than the isolated pure substance itself. On the other hand, sales can proceed unhampered in countries where the distribution of hemp products remains complicated or prohibited, such as China, Japan, or Turkey. An important development for the international billion-dollar market for cannabinoids.

SynBiotic SE’s internationally focused buy-and-build investment approach has paved the way for market innovation. Having made a large number of acquisitions, the cannabinoid platform has been able to massively expand its market position. Following a host of new products, CBPlus now provides a groundbreaking innovation.

Lars Müller, CEO of SynBiotic SE, comments on the innovation: “Preparations for the product launch are nearing completion. This makes us the first company in this sector worldwide to offer a real alternative to conventional CBD extracts. This pioneering act was made possible by our platform approach. Many SynBiotic SE companies are on board with the development of the new product: Lean Labs Pharma GmbH will be manufacturing and distributing the extract as a raw material for innovative products. Solidmind Group GmbH is currently developing the first product on this basis and will be the first to launch it on the market under our SynBiotic SE flagship brand Hempamed. Our Canadian partner NeuroTheryX has developed the formulation of the drug combination and confirmed its efficacy through its platform.”

With CBPlus, SynBiotic SE is opening up new markets worldwide for products based on cannabinoids and terpenes, as Müller explains: “This opens up completely new geographical dimensions and growth opportunities. Our entry into NeuroTheryX (NTX) in April 2021 has already paid off. The NTX team has been researching the mechanisms of action and synergistic potentials behind cannabinoids for years. In addition to hemp and cannabis strains, NTX has studied and cataloged more than a hundred other plants according to their cannabinoids and terpenes as a basis for the development of effective product compositions. CBPlus is the first spectacular result of this collaboration. Further combinations of active ingredients based on cannabinoids and terpenes are currently being researched and continue to fill our product pipeline.”

About SynBiotic SE

SynBiotic SE is the first German listed cannabis company to pursue an EU-focused buy-and-build investment approach. The core business of the platform company is the research and development of new cannabinoid and terpene-based solutions to major social problems such as pain, sleep-disorders and anxiety. In addition, the platform deals with the production of various cannabinoids and develops and distributes pharmaceutical and dietary supplements as well as cosmetic products under its own brands.