Synbiotic SE secures Canadian cannabinoid and R&D platform NeuroTheryX Canada Ltd

The cannabis company SynBiotic SE is joining NeuroTheryX Canada Ltd (NeuroTheryX) and securing a complete takeover of its R&D platform by April1, 2023. With these decisions, SynBiotic SE is continuing expansion of its important research and development division, which is expected to account for a large part of the company’s future value creation

For years, the NeuroTheryX team has been researching the mechanisms of action and relationships behind cannabinoids such as CBD/THC as well as terpenes. In addition to hemp and cannabis, NeuroTheryX has analyzed and catalogued more than a hundred other plants containing cannabinoids and terpenes in order to develop effective product formulations. With their joint venture NineteenGale alongside Cyclica Inc. (NeuroTheryX holds 65 percent), the partners are also pursuing an AI approach to calculate novel and powerful cannabinoid-based molecules and test their effects both on virtual and experimental Central Nervous system models.

Lars Müller, CEO of SynBiotic SE, explains the future participation and cooperation, noting “With NeuroTheryX and its investments, we can now research and patent new product formulations, drug combinations and novel molecules based on cannabinoids and terpenes. The results of NeuroTheryX in these areas so far are impressive, and as of now, we are massively promoting and expanding them.”

One of the strengths of NeuroTheryX is its proven active ingredient research platform. In addition, there is a wide-ranging network of collaborations with institutes and pharmaceutical companies for the development of sustainable clinical therapeutics. Müller continues: “NeuroTheryX is a hidden champion in an industry whose international pace is dictated by Canadian companies. We are pleased that NeuroTheryX has embraced our vision.” Armen Manoukian, CEO/CSO of NeuroTheryX, adds: “Combining our effective technologies with SynBiotic SE’s strong strategic and commercialization expertise enables the efficient research, development and commercialization of novel consumer goods, cannabinoid-based nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products that address urgent market needs such as pain management and anxiety. The synergistic combination of SynBiotic SE and NeuroTheryX’s expertise will create the only fully integrated partnership in this sector. We are thrilled to have won the perfect partner that enables us to have a significant impact on the lives of customers and patients.”

About NeuroTheryX Canada Ltd

NeuroTheryX is a Toronto-based R&D company committed to the discovery and commercialization of therapeutic drugs. NeuroTheryX’s key pillars are its drug research platform and its close cooperation with academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical industry has a great need for relevant solutions and is yet to fully explore the potential of cannabinoids. NeuroTheryX’s drug discovery approach quickly determines drug mechanism of action with the help of a phenotype-based technology platform for whole organism screening . In this way, NeuroTheryX has been developing a robust pipeline of therapeutic products – especially in the cannabinoid space.

About SynBiotic SE

SynBiotic SE is the first German listed cannabis company to pursue an EU-focused buy-and-build investment approach. The core business of the platform company is the research and development of new cannabinoid and terpene-based solutions to major social problems such as pain, sleep and anxiety. In addition, the platform deals with the production of various cannabinoids and develops and distributes pharmaceutical and dietary supplements as well as cosmetic products under its own brands.