SynBiotic SE and The Hempany seek to conquer the market for plant-based milk alternatives with hemp milk “hemi”

For many years, consumers have been looking for alternatives to classic cow’s milk. Oat milk has become particularly popular here. Now, the next innovation is entering the market, one that sounds similar in name only: hemp milk. The first German listed cannabis company, SynBiotic SE, is entering this dynamic growth segment with its stake in The Hempany and is now partnering to offer the hemp milk “hemi.” From the end of March, the product made from organic hemp seeds will added to the line of goods in all Rossmann and Alnatura stores.

“A very strong start-up team meets a billion-dollar market. The hemi brand has the potential to become significantly bigger than its strong competitor, OATLY. I myself am a big fan of plant-based milk alternatives. I haven’t been consuming cow’s milk products for almost two years, so I’m all the more pleased to be able to support the team behind hemi in their expansion with our SynBiotic platform,” says Lars Müller, CEO of SynBiotic SE.

Dave Tjiok, founder and CEO of The Hempany, says of the collaboration with SynBiotic: “We are delighted to have found the perfect partner with SynBiotic. They possess great expertise, a strong sales network and a passion for new products like our hemi. For hemi, we milk hemp seeds instead of cows – and our plant-based milk offers many other advantages. Hemi is organic, low-carb and naturally free of the greatest dietary intolerances: gluten, nuts, soy and lactose.”

In addition to cannabinoids, many modern products can be produced from the hemp plant on the basis of its vital ingredients – which are legal and available over the counter, as they do not contain any intoxicating components. “This development is also exciting for those interested in equities. Investors have been eagerly awaiting the next veggie flotation since ‘Beyond Meat.’ Through our participation in The Hempany, this demand is now being met. As SynBiotic SE is already listed as a platform company in XETRA and on various exchanges, investors can now also participate in the development of The Hempany and hemi. In this way, we’re enabling investors to make their first investment in the plant milk market,” concludes Müller.

About SynBiotic SE

SynBiotic SE is a platform company with an EU-focused buy-and-build investment approach. The focus is on the alternative production of functionally superior cannabinoids as well as the development of wellness and pharmaceutical product formulations for the end customer under their own brands. In addition, the company is committed to the synthetic production of cannabinoids, the development of pharmaceutical and dietary supplements as well as cosmetic products.