SynBiotic SE acquires GECA Pharma and enters the medical cannabis market

The cannabis company SynBiotic SE has taken over 100 percent of the Cologne-based GECA Pharma GmbH. With its expert knowledge allied to the required licensing, GECA Pharma will in future form the pharmaceutical branch of SynBiotic SE. “The takeover of GECA Pharma is an important step for us”, commented Lars Müller, CEO of SynBiotic SE, on the strategic importance of the acquisition. “As one of the first German cannabis companies to be listed on the stock exchange, as a result of this union we are in a position to develop the market for medicinal cannabis.” According to Müller, the future market value in the EU will amount to several billion Euros. Via GECA Pharma, SynBiotic SE can gain a share of the market and introduce its own cannabis brands onto the market.

Johannes Gallois, Managing Director of GECA Pharma, also regards the integration of his company in the portfolio of the platform company SynBiotic SE as the right course: “With SynBiotic SE we have found a partner who thinks ‘Beyond Cannabis’, seeing a product portfolio of more than simply CBD or THC. Medicinal Cannabis is only the beginning. Coupled with our many years of experience in the German cannabis market, this partnership is a win-win situation for both sides. By ‘Beyond Cannabis’, SynBiotic SE CEO Müller understands “the goal of adding cannabinoid and terpenicextracts from other plants such as hops and cocoa as a basis for producing new food supplements and herbal medicines”. In the future, these products should aid people suffering from sleep-disorders, pain or anxiety – the three biggest social problems of our time.

GECA Pharma is already showing a profit and has a turnover of almost 900,000 Euros from its trade in medicinal cannabis flowers alone. This dovetails neatly with Lars Müller’s acquisition strategy. The company has all necessary licenses: the wholesale license, conforming with section 52a of the German Medicines Act, the license to handle narcotics and the license to trade in medicinal products in accordance with the AMRad regulation. In the past few months, SynBiotic SE had already made two further investments: the hemp startup ‘The Hempany’ with the hemp milk hemi, and ‘NeuroTheryX’, the Canadian R&D platform for cannabinoids.

About SynBiotic SE

SynBiotic SE is the first German listed cannabis company to pursue an EU-focused buy-and-build investment approach. The core business of the platform company is the research and development of new cannabinoid and terpene-based solutions to major social problems such as pain, sleep-disorders and anxiety. In addition, the platform deals with the production of various cannabinoids and develops and distributes pharmaceutical and dietary supplements as well as cosmetic products under its own brands.