SYNBIOTIC acquires Ilesol: Enormous competitive advantages through cannabinoid extracts and isolates from own production

The German industrial hemp and cannabis group SYNBIOTIC SE acquires Ilesol Pharmaceuticals from Varaždin/Croatia. Ilesol has a 3,400 m2 production facility for the manufacture of cannabinoid extracts and isolates. The company also produces and distributes its own CBD natural cosmetics range. With the acquisition of Ilesol, SYNBIOTIC will be able to produce CBD isolates with the "Made in EU" label and distribute them through the companies of the SYNBIOTIC Group.

"We are thus integrating another crucial process step into our supply chain," says Daniel Kruse, Managing Director of SYNBIOTIC. "The in-house production and refinement of hemp and cannabis extracts and corresponding isolates is an enormous competitive advantage. The market for hemp extracts and CBD isolates alone is a growth market worth billions. The cosmetics industry has long since discovered hemp and CBD for itself and demand is increasing significantly. And if the EU Commission decides in favour of the numerous novel food applications next year, the demand for hemp extracts and CBD isolates in the food supplement sector will increase many times over."

"The acquisition of Ilesol is therefore strategically significant news for our group of companies and investments. And for our investors and shareholders, it is the second successful takeover in four months after Bushdoctor," adds Kruse. SYNBIOTIC is ideally positioned in the CBD product segment with leading brands and, in future, Ilesol. What was missing until now was an independent production facility for refining the extracts and manufacturing isolates that was not dependent on external factors. Ilesol closes precisely this gap in the supply chain. Moreover, the additional cosmetics range from Ilesol fits perfectly into the distribution programme of SYNBIOTIC's subsidiaries Solidmind and Hempro International.

"As part of the SYNBIOTIC group of companies, we can take the next steps together on a European level. As an experienced manufacturer with independent, technologically mature production processes, we will be an absolute asset to everyone involved in SYNBIOTIC in every respect," explains Sasha Bajilo, CEO and Co-Founder, Ilesol Pharmaceuticals. The declared aim of CEO Daniel Kruse is to establish SYNBIOTIC as the leading group of companies for industrial hemp and cannabis not only on the German market, but also on the European market. With the acquisitions of Bushdoctor and Ilesol, SYNBIOTIC is now also active in Austria and Croatia.

"The Group's pan-European orientation is the logical step towards a strong market position throughout Europe. This not only completes our supply chain and increases our sales potential, but also increases SYNBIOTIC's importance for large, strategic investors from outside Europe," says Kruse.

About Ilesol Pharmaceuticals

Ilesol Pharmaceuticals is an industrial manufacturer of cannabinoid extracts and CBD isolates specialising in cosmetic ingredients, cosmetic products and dietary supplements. The company, based in Varaždin /Croatia, has its own production facility with an area of 3,400 metres2 and covers the entire production process.