We cover with our buy & build strategy the whole value chain and consolidate the strongest players in the industry under one roof.

Research & Development

GreenLight Pharmaceutical LTD
Plattform for clinical trial with cannabinoids
Ownership 25,00 %
Canada LTD
AI-powered drug discovery platform.

Production & Biotech

Lean Labs
Pharma GmbH
CBD production & extraction company
based in Germany
Ownership 100 %
Cultivation of organic hemp on over 870 hectares of cultivated farmland.
Ownership 50,10 %
Hemp Factory GmbH
Company for green processing of hemp (cleaning, peeling, grinding, sieving).
Ownership 50,10 %
Hempro International GmbH
Producer and wholesaler and retailer of raw materials and end-user products.
Ownership 50,10 %

Medical & D2C Brands

Group GmbH
Successful brand-builder in the wellbeing industry
Ownership 100 %
(A Solidmind Group GmbH Brand)
One of the Top 3 CBD brands in Germany
Ownership 100 %
(A Solidmind Group GmbH Brand)
One of the biggest marketplace for organic hemp & CBD products
Ownership 100 %
Cannexo GmbH
Joint-venture with leadingplayers in the pharma industry
Ownership 100 %
Pharma GmbH
Import & distribution of medical cannabis products
Ownership 100 %
MH medical hemp GmbH
Production and distribution of medical and pharmaceutical hemp products
Ownership 50,10 %
Canna Sales
Market access, sales & marketing of products in the field of medical cannabis
Ownership 50,10 %

SynBiotic Accelerator

The Hempany GmbH
Hemp based beverages like "hemi" (hemp milk)
Ownership 25,01 %
Princess Stardust GmbH
CBD Lifestyle Brand
Ownership 25,010 %
New Venture (in LOI discussion)
Lifestyle CBD Cosmetic Brand

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