About SynBiotic​

Our Mission – to become the leading platform company in the industry.

Investment Strategy

Following a buy and build strategy, SynBiotic supports & consolidates the
strongest players in the cannabinoids industry under one roof.

Research & Development

Our R&D portfolio will create new products, formulations and IP and conduct studies to:

  • Create innovative products which we are well-positioned to bring to market
  • Grow SynBiotic as the leading name and expert in the industry

We execute minority share investments in these companies, in order to get preferential access to the technology.

Production & Biotech

Our production & biotech companies convert the innovation generated by R&D into market-ready products.

We target >50% ownership of our companies.

Distribution & Brands

With our medical and DTC portfolio we are acquiring and building profitable brands  within our verticals to generate revenue.

We target >50% ownership of our companies.

Our Team

Following a buy and build strategy, SynBiotic supports & consolidates the
strongest players in the cannabinoids industry under one roof.


Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in scaling profitable companies.

In-depth industry know-how from seed to shelf, genetics, extraction methods & analytics such as product development. He is active in the cannabinoid business since 2015

Sebastian Stietzel

Chairman of the

As a serial entrepreneur his strength lies in strategy, ops and in coaching senior leadership, with particular expertise in post-merger-integration and capital market fitness. Sebastian has a master’s degree in business administration with a focus on IT supported marketing and human resources.

Dr. Marlon Braumann

Member of the

Dr. Marlon Braumann is a Serial Entrepreneur and one of the founding partners of the European VC fund Elevat3 Capital – an investment fund mainly focused on biotech, medtech, and fintech investments. Apart from that, Mr. Braumann is the founder of the global wildlife trust AMES Foundation.

Thomas Hanke

Member of the

Mr. Hanke has extensive transaction experience (private equity, venture capital, growth capital & PIPE transactions) and has, in addition to his work as an investor, also carried out various operational interim mandates within the scope of portfolio management.

Dr. Le Roy Dowey

CEO of Greenlight Pharmaceutical LTD

Following his post-doctoral research, Le Roy became Quality Assurance Officer for Ulster’s Biomedical Sciences Research Institute (BMSRI). Le Roy holds a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry from Queen’s University, Belfast and a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry at Ulster University (2002). Le Roy joined the GreenLight Team in June 2018 and is now CEO.

Dr. James Linden

Founder & Chairman Greenlight Pharmaceutical

As a scientist and a pharma expert, Dr. James Linden has built a world-class research network and the unique ability to aim R&D efforts at the most promising commercial opportunities. James holds a PhD in Biochemistry in the Department of Ophthalmology, Queens University Belfast.

Rainer Seiler

Co-Founder & Shareholder Cannexo Pharma GmbH

Rainer Seiler has many years of leadership experience, including as Managing Director (Zur Rose Gruppe), as General Sales Manager (ratiopharm) and as Director Key Account Management within the pharmaceutical Industry (Rx, OTC, Gx), as well as with wholesalers and mail-order-pharmacy-companies.

… and many more